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15 November 2023|PRESS RELEASE
Authorities in Belgium and Greece have dismantled a network that was smuggling irregular migrants via Belgian airports to other European countries, including Norway. Mainly Iraqi migrants travelled from Greece to Charleroi and Brussels on falsified or stolen documents, paying at least between EUR 5...
16 November 2022|PRESS RELEASE
The increasing use of fake car parts poses a growing security risk for road users, leading to deadly accidents and serious bodily harm. Furthermore, the use of fake parts is a serious infringement of the copyrights of original producers. To tackle this rising problem, prosecutors and law enforcement...
Economic crimes cover a wide range of offences, including swindling and fraud, money laundering, corruption, intellectual property crime and environmental crime. Criminal investigations primarily tackling some other form of crime, such as drug trafficking , terrorist activities or trafficking in...
05 November 2018|PRESS RELEASE
On 23 October, the national authorities of Bulgaria and Spain, supported from a coordination centre at Eurojust, arrested 13 people (four in Bulgaria and nine in Spain) and searched 17 properties. More than 30 600 pieces of cultural heritage artefacts, mostly comprising real and counterfeit coins...
24 October 2018|PRESS RELEASE
04 July 2018|PRESS RELEASE
13 June 2018|PRESS RELEASE
Eurojust and Europol's European Migrant Smuggling Centre assisted the German and Danish national authorities in detecting and dismantling an organised crime group (OCG) that used sham marriages with EU citizens to grant permanent residence permits to illegal migrants from Asia.