European and national parliaments


The European Parliament and national parliaments of the Member States play an important role in ensuring the transparency and democratic oversight of Eurojust, primarily through the joint evaluation of Eurojust’s activities. The President of Eurojust appears once a year before an inter-parliamentary committee composed of members of the competent committees of the European Parliament and of the national parliaments to discuss Eurojust’s current activities and to present its annual report or other key documents of Eurojust.

In addition, Eurojust transmits to the European Parliament and to national parliaments, for their information and in their respective official languages:

  • the annual report;
  • the results of studies and strategic projects;
  • the annual and multi-annual programming document; and
  • the working arrangements concluded with third parties.

Further, upon his or her appointment, the newly elected President of Eurojust is required to make a statement before the competent committee or committees of the European Parliament and answer questions put by its members. Finally, the European Parliament plays a key role in relation to Eurojust’s budget.