Cybercrime experts discuss online fraud and encrypted digital evidence

12 December 2022|NEWS

The 13th Plenary Meeting of the European Judicial Cybercrime Network (EJCN), which takes place on 12 and 13 December at Eurojust, will focus on how to investigate and protect victims of online fraud. Participants will also discuss the lawful access to encrypted digital evidence.

generic imageOnline fraud continues to affect numerous victims in several European Union jurisdictions. This type of cyber-enabled crime, which often affects individuals and has low financial impact, is widespread and difficult to punish. During the first day of the 13th EJCN Plenary, judicial experts and practitioners in the field of cybercrime will share best practices and draw recommendations on how to investigate this type of fraud and protect victims.

A second session will be dedicated to online investment platform scams and how to cooperate with non-EU countries and virtual asset service providers.

On the second day of the meeting, the participants will discuss the lawful access, jurisprudence and admissibility of encrypted digital evidence, with a focus on Encrochat, Sky ECC and Anom Encrypted Networks.

The EJCN was established in 2016 to foster contacts between practitioners specialised in countering the challenges posed by cybercrime, cyber-enabled crime and investigations in cyberspace, and to increase the efficiency of investigations and prosecutions. The network is hosted by Eurojust and functions as a forum for judicial authorities to exchange knowledge and best practice.