JITs funding

As part of its efforts to facilitate the use of joint investigation teams (JITs), Eurojust provides financial support to the cross-border activities of JITs. Eurojust does not finance individual JITs in their entirety; rather it assists by reimbursing the costs of three common areas of expenditure: 1) travel and accommodation, 2) interpretation and translation, and 3) transfer of items (procedural documents, evidence or items seized during JIT operations).

To address the increased need for communication between JIT members, as well as the possible lack of facilities and infrastructure, Eurojust also loans equipment such as mobile telephones, laptops, mobile printers and scanners.

Overview of funding process

Calls for proposals

The call for proposals provides the legal framework for Eurojust to financially support JITs activities over a certain period. The call provides relevant information concerning the submission of funding applications.

Latest call for proposals

Launch of call: 5/10/2020
Deadline for applications: 19/10/2020
Actions to take place between: 16/11/2020 – 15/2/2021
Claims to be reported at the latest by: 15/03/2021

Applications & extensions

JITs funding applications shall be submitted exclusively via its dedicated online tool - the JITs Funding Portal. New applicants are invited to create an account in this online tool upon first use.

The JITs Funding Portal provides improved guidance in the application process and a swifter procedure for uploading supporting documents. For new users of the Portal a tutorial video as well as a Quick Start Guide, a User Manual and FAQs are available.

Apply via JITs Funding Portal

In the event of experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact Eurojust for assistance by e-mail at jits@eurojust.europa.eu.

Additional documents:

For awards already allocated, extension of the action period may be requested.

News and updates

Latest call for proposals for financial assistance to joint investigation teams


To view/download the latest call for proposals (2020/6), please click here.

Launch of call: 24/08/2020
Deadline for applications: 07/09/2020
Actions to take place between: 02/10/2020 – 31/12/2020
Claims to be reported at the latest by: 01/02/2021

Terms and conditions for JIT funding updated


The Terms and Conditions of Eurojust’s financial assistance to the activities of Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) have been updated. The T&Cs will come into force from Call 6, which will be launched on 24 August 2020.

Some of the introduced changes and updates allow for more flexibility at the application or reimbursement stage, such as the possibility to accept costs for translation and interpretation from/ to any of the working languages of the institutions of the EU for reimbursement (Articles 50 and 51).

More flexibility is also introduced regarding the extension of the action period: a new condition enables JITs to request an extension at least one working day before the end of the action period (Articles 54 and 55).

Other changes concern the recommendation for JITs to mention the received funding and include the Eurojust logo in any communication or publication related to the funded actions (Article 12), and a new section reflecting the relevant provisions of the Eurojust Regulation related to audits (Articles 73 and 74).


Temporary changes to the JITs funding process due to COVID-19


In light of the exceptional circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Eurojust has implemented various measures to ensure the continued availability of the JITs funding programme. The range of state-imposed restrictions on meetings and gatherings as well as travel bans will make it very difficult to execute the activities of a JIT.

Eurojust wants to offer JIT funding beneficiaries the flexibility to facilitate the execution of planned activities and, therefore, announces the following temporary changes to the JITs funding process:

  1. The possibility to submit a written request via email for an extension of the action period at any time, but no later than one (1) working day before the end date of the Action Period. The request must include the JIT Award Decision number for which the extension is requested, the name of the JIT, and the name of the national authority requesting the extension on behalf of the JIT.

    The general rules for an extension of the action period will remain, as mentioned in the “What are the conditions?” section of the Informative guide on extension of the action period.

    The extension will be granted through an Amendment to the Award Decision.
  2. To waive Point 44 of the Terms & Conditions to allow beneficiaries to utilise funds across foreseen cost categories, exceeding the applicable limit of 20%.
  3. To exclude the consumption rates from below-mentioned calls when calculating the execution rate in the evaluation of new JIT applications. This means that the possibly quite low consumption of JIT funding during the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the scoring for new JIT applications.

The mentioned changes and possibilities are available for JITs with an existing award for funding in Call 8/2019, Call 1/2020 and Call 2/2020, and will become available for JITs with an award for funding in subsequent Calls if the situation so requires.

A request for an extension of the action period, including the mandatory information as explained above, can be sent by email to JITS@eurojust.europa.eu.

Eurojust is hopeful that these measures will provide JIT funding beneficiaries with the flexibility needed to execute the operational activities of their JIT and ensure a successful continuation of investigations.