Structure of Eurojust

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PUBLICATION DATE:27 October 2021
29 January 2021|NEWS
Ms Fatjona Memcaj has started work as first Liaison Prosecutor (LP) for Albania at Eurojust. Her new role at the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation is the direct result of the cooperation agreement between Eurojust and Albania, which entered into force last year. Albania is the...
08 October 2020|DOCUMENT
The College is responsible for the organisation and operation of Eurojust. It holds regular meetings to discuss and vote on Eurojust’s activities, as well as other issues of relevance. The Eurojust College is formed of the National Members, one from each of the EU Member States (with the exception...

Eurojust organigram(Infographic)

PUBLICATION DATE:01 February 2020
12 December 2019|PRESS RELEASE
06 November 2018|PRESS RELEASE