Report on Eurojust’s Casework on Environmental Crime

29 January 2021
PUBLICATION ID: 2021/00002
Report Environmental crime

Environmental crime is the fourth-largest criminal activity in the world, growing at a rate of between 5 % and 7 % per year, according to an Interpol and UN Environment Programme estimate. This increase, combined with the organised, transnational nature of environmental crime, requires administrative, law enforcement and judicial authorities to adopt a coordinated approach at both national and international level.

The Report on Eurojust’s Casework on Environmental Crime summarises the experiences encountered in the nearly 60 cross-border environmental criminal cases referred to Eurojust during the five-year period from 2014 to 2018. The report provides a concise overview of the legal and operational challenges arising in such cases. It highlights best practice to help national authorities to overcome these challenges, build trust, develop sustainable cooperation within the European Union and with non-EU countries, ensure efficiency during investigations and achieve successful prosecutions.

The Recommendations section of the report proposes solutions to increase the number of environmental crime cases coordinated at EU level and to improve judicial cooperation on such cases.

This report is aimed at members of public prosecution services and the judiciary in EU Member States who are dealing with investigations and prosecutions of environmental crime with a cross-border dimension. It may also support the work of policymakers and criminal-law practitioners from other national and EU authorities and bodies involved in combating transnational environmental crime.

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