Report on Eurojust’s casework in asset recovery

12 February 2019|PUBLICATION
Report on Eurojust’s casework in asset recovery

The objective of the Report on Eurojust’s Casework in Asset Recovery is to assist competent judicial authorities in the EU Member States to effectively recover criminal assets and to contribute to the fight against transnational crime. The report is primarily based on the analysis of cases addressing asset recovery issues registered at Eurojust between 1 January 2014 and 31 March 2018, and is complemented by views expressed during dedicated discussions with some Eurojust National Desks.

The report constitutes an overview of the main legal and practical issues encountered by Eurojust in its casework in asset recovery, the support provided by Eurojust at any given stage of the asset recovery process, the main judicial cooperation instruments and tools used, and the best practice identified.

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