Highlights of the 18th Annual meeting of the National Experts on JITs

Supporting JITs in times of conflict
20 December 2022|PUBLICATION
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The 18th Annual Meeting of the Network of National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) was organised by the JITs Network Secretariat in close cooperation with Eurojust and Europol on 5 and 6 October 2022 in The Hague.

The meeting brought together JIT National Experts from 21 EU Member States and representatives of EU institutions and agencies, as well as other practitioners and stakeholders.

The topic of this year’s meeting was Supporting JITs in Times of Conflict. Meeting participants looked at how JITs can be used to investigate crimes committed in conflict situations and discussed how to ensure that JITs can continue to be an essential tool to support investigations of alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and other core international crimes committed in the framework of an armed conflict.

The meeting also offered an opportunity to review the JITs Network’s ongoing projects and to put forward for discussion other pressing issues.




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