Conclusions of the 16th Annual Meeting of the National Experts on JITs

12 February 2021|PUBLICATION
Cover page

The 16th Annual Meeting of National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) was organised by the JITs Network Secretariat in close cooperation with Eurojust and Europol on 10 November 2020, and was conducted using the Eurojust WEBEX videoconferencing tool. The meeting brought together experts from Member States and representatives of EU institutions and agencies, as well as other practitioners and stakeholders involved in this area.

The main topic of this year’s meeting was “Solutions for Challenging JITs – JITs in the Digital Era”. JITs practitioners exchanged views on possible solutions for challenging JITs (e.g. due to the complex nature of cases, the multilateral dimensions of JITs, the differing prosecution strategies, JITs with third States, etc.), as well as challenges linked to the use of modern techniques in the Digital World. The meeting also gave an opportunity to discuss some of the JITs Network’s ongoing projects and possible follow-up activities.




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