New National Member for Estonia joins Eurojust

06 March 2023|NEWS
Piret Paukštys
Ms Piret Paukštys

Ms Piret Paukštys has taken up her duties as the new National Member for Estonia at Eurojust, replacing Ms Laura Vaik. Ms Paukštys worked until recently as state prosecutor in the Office of the Prosecutor General in Tallinn. She has extensive experience with cross-border cooperation matters and international investigations, especially in economic and cybercrime cases. The new National Member for Estonia is appointed for a mandate of five years.

Commenting on her new role as National Member, Ms Paukštys said: 'I am very glad and honoured to join Eurojust as the Estonian National Member. I have worked with cross-border investigations and judicial cooperation matters for many years and I know how crucial Eurojust’s role is in fighting cross-border organised crime. I look forward to working together with my new colleagues.'

Ms Paukštys joined the Office of the Prosecutor General in 1999, where she worked at the Appeal and Supreme Court levels. From 2004 until 2017, she specialised in the prosecution of economic, financial and cybercrime cases, such as tax crimes, money laundering and market manipulation.

Since 2017, Ms Paukštys has been dealing with international cooperation matters, including the handling of European Arrest Warrants, European Investigation Orders and Mutual Legal Assistance requests. She has actively participated in the work of nine joint investigation teams supported by Eurojust.

The new National Member for Estonia graduated in law from the University of Tartu in 1995. Before joining the Office of the Prosecutor General, she worked as a public prosecutor in Tartu and as a lawyer for the local governments of Tartu and Viljandi. She also worked for a private law firm between 1998 and 1999.