Eurojust supports arrest of nine human traffickers in France and Spain


Flags of France and Spain, logos of Eurojust and EuropolAn organised crime group (OCG) active in human trafficking and sexual exploitation has been exposed, and suspected members were arrested with the support of Eurojust and Europol. The arrest of nine suspects in France and Spain has stopped the structured human trafficking network in its tracks. Six victims of the human traffickers were taken to safety.

After French authorities discovered an apartment that was used for prostitution in 2022, an investigation was launched that exposed the network’s activities in human trafficking and sexual exploitation in France and Spain. The victims, mostly from Latin America, the Caribbean and Romania, were taken to France and then moved around the country to engage in prostitution in apartments rented for short periods by the OCG. Members of the network used the internet to advertise paid sexual services.

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Following the operation and arrests of the suspects, six victims in France were offered assistance and shelter by a dedicated non-profit organisation.

To prepare for the action day, Eurojust organised a coordination meeting between the French and Spanish authorities, ensuring smooth cooperation for the coordinated actions. Eurojust also assisted in the execution of several European Investigation Orders, freezing orders and European Arrest Warrants.

These actions were carried out by the following authorities:

  • France: JIRS Nancy (Interregional Specialised Jurisdiction) and OCRTEH (Central Office against human trafficking)
  • Spain: Audiencia Nacional (Central Investigative Courts num 1 & 2 and PPO) at judicial level and UCRIF (Policía Nacional) at police level