Eurojust in Montenegro to enhance cooperation with Western Balkans

13 June 2018|NEWS

In Podgorica on 11 June, a high-level Eurojust delegation, headed by its President, took part in a conference titled 'Eurojust and cooperation with third States - Experiences and challenges in the Western Balkan countries' with the participation of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYROM), Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. The Eurojust representatives introduced the General and Public Prosecutors of the participating States, as well the European Union (EU), German, Italian and Dutch Ambassadors to Montenegro, to Eurojust as the EU's judicial cooperation unit, fighting serious cross-border organised crime within Europe and beyond. In numerous bilateral meetings with Eurojust delegates during the conference, the Western Balkan States' representatives showed an increased interest in enhancing judicial cooperation with Eurojust.

The conference's objective was to present to the participants Eurojust's role and, in particular, its judicial cooperation tools, such as coordination meetings, coordination centres and joint investigation teams, which allow for expeditious and effective cooperation between the national authorities of the States concerned. The delegation highlighted the fact that Eurojust's operational, logistical and financial support to States is indispensable to the success of a transnational operation involving investigations and prosecutions in different States with divergent legislation and jurisprudence.

Eurojust paid special attention to Montenegro as a candidate State for joining the EU. The appointment of Ms Jelena Ðaletić as Liaison Prosecutor for Montenegro at Eurojust substantiates Montenegro's commitment to the fight against international organised crime. Eurojust further recognised the State's efforts and dedication to strengthen its institutional capacity and fully implement the necessary legal framework, and assured Montenegro's representatives of Eurojust's continued support in their path towards EU membership.