Eurojust and Denmark sign agreement on judicial cooperation

07 October 2019|PRESS RELEASE

Luxembourg, 7 October 2019

An Agreement on Criminal Justice Cooperation was signed today in Luxembourg between Eurojust, the EU's Judicial Cooperation Unit, and the Kingdom of Denmark to continue their joint fight against cross-border organised crime, following approval by the European Council. The agreement enables transnational operational and strategic cooperation under the new Eurojust Regulation, as it allows Denmark to second a Representative to Eurojust to coordinate its criminal investigations and prosecutions with other Member States as well as third countries that have a cooperation agreement with Eurojust. Mr Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, and Mr Nick Hækkerup, Minister of Justice of Denmark, signed the agreement.

Mr Hamran said: 'We welcome the signing of today's agreement with Denmark, a Member State that has made an invaluable contribution to fighting organised crime in Europe, and has much more to offer in this regard in the future. This agreement allows Eurojust and Denmark to continue their successful cooperation under the Eurojust Regulation. We will be working together on current and upcoming cross-border cases to stop transnational crime and create a safer continent for all Europeans.'

Mr Hækkerup pointed out: 'A strong cooperation across Europe is fundamental when fighting cross-border crime in the European Union. That is why, on behalf of Denmark, I am very thankful for this agreement, which ensures Denmark's continuing cooperation through Eurojust. We will do our utmost to sustain our effective teamwork when combatting trafficking in human beings, drug trafficking or organised crime.'

Photo © Eurojust. From left to right: Ms Anna-Maja HENRIKSSON, Finnish Minister of Justice; Mr Nick HÆKKERUP, Danish Minister for Justice; Mr Ladislav HAMRAN, President of EUROJUST; Ms Tiina ASTOLA, European Commission's Director General for Justice, Consumers and Gender equality

Continued judicial cooperation with Denmark

The agreement between Denmark and Eurojust takes into account the country's situation, being at the same time a Member State but not a Member of Eurojust, under the Eurojust Regulation that enters into force in December 2019. The agreement will ensure continuity regarding the 76 ongoing Eurojust cases with Danish involvement for 2019, as well as future cases after the Danish National Desk at Eurojust ceases to exist. Denmark will maintain its access to Eurojust's information systems and share personal data in criminal investigations and prosecutions via its seconded Representative, Deputy or Assistant.

The agreement provides for quick, safe and efficient exchange of case-related information and evidence between Denmark, other EU Member States and third countries, and contains extensive and robust data protection provisions to guarantee the same level of data protection as is observed throughout the European Union. Under the agreement, Denmark will have the status of an observer at Eurojust College meetings and the possibility to set up a full Desk. Moreover, Denmark, in its new role within Eurojust, will be subject to democratic oversight by its National Parliament, will be bound by the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and the European Data Protection Supervisor, and will financially contribute to Eurojust's budget.

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