Annual meeting of the EU Innovation Hub: research and innovation making a difference for citizens' security

14 September 2022|NEWS

On 13-14 September, the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security held its Annual Event in Brussels, organised in cooperation with the Community of European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS). Representatives of EU institutions and agencies were joined by research and technology organisations, internal security practitioners from EU Member States, and academic experts in the security field.

Under the theme "Shaping responsible solutions for internal security", this year’s Annual Event focused on the need to develop effective security solutions while at the same time meeting citizens' expectations in terms of privacy, transparency and accountability. The discussions focused on encryption and AI (the Hub’s priorities for 2022), with presentations from a range of government, research and technology organisations.

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The Annual Event also provided an opportunity for mapping key innovation projects and stakeholders, as requested by the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI). This mapping will help to shape the Hub’s priorities for the future. Participants left the event with a clearer understanding of how to translate research projects into real operational impact.

The EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security is a collaborative network of innovation labs, which are dedicated teams working in EU bodies to explore the application of new technologies. Innovation labs provide their respective agencies with technical updates and new solutions in fields including justice, border security, immigration, asylum and law enforcement. The Annual Event serves as a chance to review the Hub’s work, showcase innovative projects and set priorities for the future.

Eurojust Vice-President, Mr Boštjan Škrlec, said: Creating synergies between public authorities and private operators, as well as between law enforcement and judicial authorities of different countries, is the only way forward to combat effectively the cross-border criminal exploitation of encrypted communication platforms.

Technological innovation is particularly relevant for those responsible for the EU’s internal security. Criminals are increasingly leveraging the benefits of modern technology, such as encryption and cryptocurrency platforms, within their malicious activities. The work of innovation labs is therefore a key pillar in ensuring law enforcement can stay one step ahead in the field of internal security.