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10 September 2021|PUBLICATION
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Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, is a unique hub based in The Hague, the Netherlands, where national judicial authorities work closely together to fight serious organised cross-border crime. The role of the Agency is to help make Europe a safer place by coordinating the work of national authorities – between the EU Member States as well as third countries – in investigating and prosecuting transnational crime.

Each participating EU Member State seconds a National Member to Eurojust. The National Members form the College of Eurojust, which is responsible for the Agency’s operational work. The College, in turn, is supported by the Eurojust Administration, which includes, among others, case analysts, legal advisors and data experts.

Eurojust facilitates the coordination of investigations by promoting the exchange of information, detecting cross-links between ongoing investigations, developing prosecutorial strategies and implementing joint actions. The Agency’s custom-built premises include secure meeting facilities with possibilities for interpretation into all EU languages. The Eurojust building also has a meeting room specifically designed for coordination centres, from which international action days can be monitored and coordinated in real time.




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