20 years of Eurojust: EU judicial cooperation in the making

A collection of anniversary essays
08 August 2022|PUBLICATION
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In 2022, Eurojust celebrates its 20th anniversary. To honour this milestone, the Agency presents this commemorative collection of essays, gathering the perspectives of policymakers, academics, and judicial practitioners who work daily in the joint effort to fight serious cross-border crime. The contributions represent not only what the Agency has achieved over the last two decades, but the many future challenges it is now equipped to face, thanks to its solid foundations and valued network of partners.

The book includes a section dedicated to institutional partners, a series of perspectives from different countries on judicial cooperation through the Agency, and insights on judicial instruments and crime areas in which Eurojust has had and continues to play a critical role. It is hoped that this book will serve as a useful reflection tool for the judicial and wider community, to learn from the past and build a better future, where criminal justice cooperation continues to be the bedrock for a safer world.




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