Public register

The Public Register of Eurojust contains references to and basic details of documents held by Eurojust. The list displays documents in reverse chronological order and is regularly updated. Find more information on how to access Eurojust documents.

Publication date (field_publication_date)
01 May 2017|2017/00018|PUBLICATION
27 March 2017|2017/00017|PUBLICATION
24 October 2016|2016/00029|PUBLICATION
09 June 2016|2016/00028|PUBLICATION
08 March 2016|2016/00027|PUBLICATION
26 October 2015|2015/00069|PUBLICATION
22 June 2015|2015/00068|PUBLICATION
06 March 2015|2015/00066|PUBLICATION
06 March 2015|2015/00067|PUBLICATION
06 June 2014|2014/00093|PUBLICATION