Use of information collected from the battlefield

16 November 2018|NEWS

EU and US counterterrorism experts meet at Eurojust

On 14 and 15 November 2018, Eurojust hosted an international event with a focus on how information seized from the battlefield can be used in prosecutions of terrorist acts and members of terrorist organisations and used as admissible evidence in civilian courts. The meeting brought together police, prosecutors, military and intelligence counterterrorism experts from both sides of the Atlantic. They discussed investigative tools, the use of databases and different case studies.

The Chair of Eurojust's Counterterrorism Team, Mr Frédéric Baab, presented Eurojust's support to operational cooperation between judicial authorities in the investigation and prosecution of cross-border terrorism cases, including with judicial authorities in third States. He also introduced the recent initiative by seven EU Member States in Paris on 5 November, who called for the creation of a European Judicial Counter-Terrorism Register. Eurojust lends its full support to this proposal, which would bring more clarity, security and speed to investigations after terrorist attacks and increase the chances of bringing terrorists and those providing material support to terrorist organisations to justice.

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