New National Member for Lithuania at Eurojust

10 September 2019|PRESS RELEASE

10 September 2019

Ms Margarita Šniutyte-Daugeliene joined Eurojust as National Member for Lithuania on 20 August. Ms Šniutyte-Daugeliene replaced Ms Laima Cekeliene, who returned to Lithuania after serving as Eurojust National Member for 11 years.

After receiving a Master's Degree in Law from Lithuanian Law University in Vilnius in 1999, Ms Šniutyte-Daugeliene began her legal career as a public prosecutor in the Regional Prosecutor's Office of Klaipeda, Lithuania, where she worked for 13 years, dealing with international legal cooperation and analysis of prosecution policy, as well as conducting and supervising criminal investigations. From 2011 to 2017, Ms Šniutyte-Daugeliene served as EJN contact point.

In 2012, Ms Šniutyte-Daugeliene was promoted to Chief Public Prosecutor of the 2nd Criminal Prosecution Division at the Regional Prosecutor's Office of Klaipeda, which specialises in fighting fraud, money laundering, smuggling, other crimes against the economy, business order and the financial system. She worked there for four years supervising these investigations. During that time, Ms Šniutyte-Daugeliene attended several coordination meetings at Eurojust.

In 2016, Ms Šniutyte-Daugeliene was appointed as Deputy Prosecutor General. During that time, she supervised international cooperation activities, training and protection of the public interest, including the activities of territorial prosecutor's offices, of the Prosecution Service. She filled that position until her arrival at Eurojust.

Commenting on her appointment, Ms Šniutyte-Daugeliene said: 'I learned about particularities of the work of Eurojust ten years ago during a Eurojust marketing seminar in Lithuania. I am so happy to finally be able to serve both my country and my colleagues at Eurojust as National Member. My twenty-year prosecutors' experience as well in international cooperation matters should provide me with an excellent basis for carrying out my duties here in the Eurojust family. I fully understand the role and added value of Eurojust in fighting serious organised cross-border crime and I will do my best to contribute to helping Eurojust to play a leading role in the areas of security and justice. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.'

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