Eurojust and Ukraine signed a Cooperation Agreement in June 2016, with the first Liaison Prosecutor Myroslava Krasnoborova taking up her duties in August 2018.

In 2019, the Ukrainian Liaison Prosecutor was involved in 77 new cases, 23 coordination meetings, 2 coordination centres and 9 joint investigation teams.



Liaison Prosecutor

Liaison Prosecutor

Myroslava Krasnoborova
Myroslava Krasnoborova

Myroslava Krasnoborova was appointed as Liaison Prosecutor for Ukraine in August 2018. Before joining Eurojust, Ms Krasnoborova occupied the positions of Deputy Head of Department for International Legal Cooperation and Head of Division for International Cooperation of the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) of Ukraine. Ms Krasnoborova began her career as a prosecutor in 2006. In 2008, she joined the PGO as a prosecutor dealing with mutual legal assistance (MLA) cases. In her role as head of the relevant PGO divisions, she specialised in the transfer of criminal proceedings, asset recovery, international cooperation and the negotiation of international treaties, in addition to MLA.

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New cases
2018: 4 (initiating) + 24 (participating)
2019: 22 (initiating) + 55 (participating)

Coordination meetings (initiating and/or participating)
2018: 8
2019: 23

Coordination centres (initiating and/or participating)
2018: 2
2019: 2

Joint investigation teams (initiating and/or participating)
2018: 6
2019: 9


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