The Latvian Desk is headed by Dagmāra Skudra, who is the National Member for Latvia since May 2019.

In 2019, the Latvian Desk was involved in 115 new cases, 25 coordination meetings and 9 joint investigation teams.


National Member

National Member

Dagmāra Skudra
Dagmāra Skudra

Dagmāra Skudra was appointed National Member for Latvia in May 2019. Ms Skudra’s career in public service has spanned more than 20 years. She started at the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior in 1997, and switched to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Latvia in 1999, starting as Assistant to the Prosecutor. She was promoted to Prosecutor in 2001, and became active in the International Cooperation Division in 2002. In April 2019, when she left the Prosecutor General’s Office, she was Deputy Prosecutor General and Head Prosecutor of the Department of Analysis and Management. From 2004 to 2013, Ms Skudra was, in addition to her duties in the Prosecutor General’s Office, also Deputy National Member of Latvia at Eurojust. Since 2012, she has been a European Judicial Network Contact Point. She has also represented Latvia on the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors since 2017. Ms Skudra graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia in 2000, and also holds an LLM from the University of Augsburg.

Deputy National Member

Una Brenča has served as Deputy National Member for Latvia since July 2017. Stationed in Latvia, Ms Brenča is an experienced prosecutor working as the Head Prosecutor of the International Cooperation Division of the Department of Analysis and Management of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Assistant to the National Member

Mārcis Viļums has served as Assistant to the National Member for Latvia since April 2013. Stationed in Latvia, Mr Viļums is a prosecutor at the International Cooperation Division of the Department of Analysis and Management of the Prosecutor General's Office.

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New cases
2017: 53 (initiating) + 65 (participating)
2018: 34 (initiating) + 67 (participating)
2019: 51 (initiating) + 64 (participating)

Coordination meetings (initiating and/or participating)
2017: 19
2018: 21
2019: 25

Coordination centres (initiating and/or participating)
2017: 1
2018: -
2019: -

Joint investigation teams (initiating and/or participating)
2017: 3
2018: 10
2019: 9

+ + +

Case examples

Case example


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