EPPO The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) is an independent, decentralised prosecution office of the European Union with a mandate to investigate, prosecute and bring to judgment the perpetrators of crimes affecting the EU budget.

To fulfil its mandate, the EPPO works hand in hand with national law enforcement authorities and closely cooperate with other EU bodies, including Eurojust, Europol and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

The EPPO and Eurojust, acting as two strong, equal and independent institutions, are privileged partners with a shared responsibility to protect the financial interests of the European Union. The EPPO is a privileged partner to Eurojust with which a close relationship based on mutual cooperation will be established.

Eurojust supports and cooperates closely with the EPPO, based on trust and respect for each other’s mandates and competences and on the development of operational, administrative and management links. The specific provisions of Eurojust’s relationship with the EPPO are outlined in Article 50 of the Eurojust Regulation:

Chart on Eurojust, OLAF, and EPPO cooperation

EU actors for criminal justice across borders

This chart provides an overview of cooperation between Eurojust, OLAD, and EPPO.

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  • the President of Eurojust and the European Chief Prosecutor meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest;
  • Eurojust responds to requests for support from the EPPO without undue delay;
  • to support its cooperation with the EPPO, Eurojust, whenever necessary, makes use of the Eurojust national coordination system, as well as its relations with third countries, including Eurojust’s Liaison Magistrates;
  • Eurojust informs the EPPO of relevant cross-border cases and associates it with its activities in operational matters relevant to the EPPO’s competences;
  • Eurojust and the EPPO have indirect access to information in each other’s case management systems on the basis of a ‘hit/no-hit’ system; and
  • the EPPO may rely on the support and resources of the administration of Eurojust. To this end, Eurojust may provide services of common interest to the EPPO.

In February 2021, Eurojust and the EPPO have concluded a working arrangement covering operational cooperation (in particular outlining the practical details on the competence of each body), institutional relations and administrative matters. See the full text of the arrangement.