The Estonian Desk is headed by Laura Vaik, who is the National Member for Estonia since March 2019.

In 2019, the Estonian Desk was involved in 71 new cases, 13 coordination meetings and 7 joint investigation teams.


National Member

National Member

Laura Vaik
Laura Vaik

Laura Vaik was appointed National Member for Estonia in March 2019. Throughout her professional career, Ms Vaik participated as an expert in cross-border cooperation against organised crime in various international forums, committees, and organisations, inter alia the Council of Europe. In that role, she made a valuable contribution to fighting money laundering, financial crime and corruption, and she provided specialised training to prosecutors, judges and other judicial practitioners. Ms Vaik’s first position was Assistant Prosecutor at the Department of Financial Crimes of the Estonian Northern District Prosecutor’s Office; she was promoted to District Prosecutor in 2001.

From 2005 to 2019, Ms Vaik occupied the position of State Prosecutor at the Prosecution Department of the Prosecutor’s General Office of Estonia, and subsequently at the Internal Control Department of the same institution. From 2008 to 2011, prior to her appointment as National Member, she worked as a Seconded National Expert to the Estonian Desk at Eurojust. Ms Vaik graduated from the University of Tartu and obtained a master’s degree in law in 2000. She also holds a master’s degree in public administration from Tallinn University of Technology.

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New cases
2017: 42 (initiating) + 39 (participating)
2018: 29 (initiating) + 33 (participating)
2019: 38 (initiating) + 33 (participating)

Coordination meetings (initiating and/or participating)
2017: 11
2018: 14
2019: 13

Coordination centres (initiating and/or participating)
2017: -
2018: -
2019: -

Joint investigation teams (initiating and/or participating)
2017: 1
2018: 10
2019: 7

+ + +

Case examples

Case example


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