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Headquartered in Tallinn, eu-LISA is the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. It provides a long-term solution for the operational management of large-scale IT systems, which are essential instruments in the implementation of the asylum, border management and migration policies of the EU.

In September 2017, Eurojust and eu-LISA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in areas of common interest and to exchange expertise and best practice in areas such as ICT and cooperation with regard to Eurojust’s right to access SIS II.

In October 2021, Eurojust President Ladislav Hamran and eu-LISA Executive Director Krum Garkov signed a three-year Cooperation Plan. It establishes access for Eurojust to eu-LISA’s new large-scale IT system ECRIS-TCN, as well as the Interoperability architecture that will strengthen the Justice and Home Affairs domain. The plan also covers future cooperation in the context of the Digital Criminal Justice initiative and e-CODEX, a cross-border judicial tool that will be managed by eu-LISA starting 2023. The plan outlines detailed practical modalities of mutual support between the two Agencies.