The Swedish Desk is headed by Marie Lind Thomsen, who was appointed National Member for Sweden in January 2022.

In 2021, the Swedish Desk was involved in 304 new cases, 53 coordination meetings, 3 coordination centres, and 26 joint investigation teams.

National Member

National Member

Marie Lind Thomsen
Marie Lind Thomsen

Marie Lind Thomsen was appointed National Member for Sweden in January 2022. Ms Lind Thomsen has been working as a prosecutor in Sweden since 2000. For the last 18 years before joining Eurojust, she has been working at the International Unit against Organised Crime. In 2015, she was appointed Deputy Chief Prosecutor and in January 2022 Chief Prosecutor at the Unit. Ms Lind Thomsen has been a contact point for the European Judicial Network (EJN) since 2010 and a contact point for the Genocide Network for many years.

Deputy National Member

Erik Fågelsbo has been Deputy National Member for Sweden since March 2020. He has practical experience of judicial cooperation instruments working as a Senior Public Prosecutor in Sweden and as SNE at the Swedish desk at Eurojust in 2010/2011. Before joining the Swedish desk, he served as Adviser at the Ministry of Justice and JHA counsellor at the Swedish Permanent Representation to the EU, where he was involved in the negotiations of the Eurojust and the EPPO regulations.

Assistant to the National Member

Karin Sigstedt has been Assistant to the National Member for Sweden since June 2019. She has worked for the prosecution in Sweden since 1999, acting as Senior Prosecutor both at the Swedish Economic Crime Authority and the International Prosecution Office in Stockholm, where she has handled several cases involving both domestic and international organised crime groups. In recent years, she has been working as a Senior Legal Adviser, leading several projects for legal development and writing guidelines for prosecutors. As head of the Swedish judicial ARO and assessor for FATF, as well as steering group member and, in 2017, President of the Camden Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network (CARIN), she has placed a lot of effort on asset recovery and the fight against money laundering. This and international cooperation was also her focus when she was seconded from Sweden in 2018/2019 to work as a Senior Adviser on Prosecution at the EUAM in Ukraine.

Contact the Swedish Desk

The Swedish Desk can be contacted via the channels defined at national level.

Svenska desken kan kontaktas via de kanaler som definierats på nationell nivå.


  2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
New cases (total)
- of which initiating
- of which participating
Coordination meetings (initiating and/or participating) 24 33 35 53 53
Coordination centres (organising and/or participating) - - 3 2 3
Joint investigation teams (newly signed and/or ongoing) 9 18 16 22 26

Case examples

Cases example

Cases example


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