Eurojust through the years



X15 October 1999


Establishment of an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union at Tampere conference; agreement to create Eurojust



X1 March 2001


Pro-Eurojust begins operations in Brussels



217 cases



Third countries (Canada, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switerland and USA) appoint first contact points for relations with Eurojust


X28 February 2002


Adoption of Council Decision setting up Eurojust with a view to reinforcing the fight against serious crime


X13 June 2002


Adoption of Council Framework Decisions on the European Arrest Warrant and Joint Investigation Teams


X13 June 2002


The European Network for investigation and prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes is established


X1 December 2002


The European Judicial Network (EJN) Secretariat is established as a separate unit within Eurojust; the EJN was created in 1998


442 cases



Eurojust provides first guidance on Which jurisdiction should prosecute?


X29 March 2003


Inauguration of Eurojust's seat in The Hague



580 cases



First joint investigation team supported by Eurojust, a drug trafficking case between the Netherlands and the UK




Eurojust brings together EAW practitioners and issues guidelines on the European Arrest Warrant


X15 January 2004


Eurojust coordinates investigations and prosecutions in a case of letter bombs sent to EU institutions

(BE, DE, EL, IT, ES, NL and UK)

X4 May 2004


Ten new National Members join Eurojust:

  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Malta
  • Poland
  • Slovakia and
  • Slovenia



X9 June 2004


First Agreement between Eurojust and Europol


918 cases

X8 July 2005


The Network of National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams is established


X20 September 2005


By Council Decision, Member States commit to appoint a Eurojust national correspondent in terrorism matters and to share information with Eurojust on counter-terrorism investigations.


X26 October 2005


The Cooperation Agreement with Norway, first Eurojust agreement with a third country, enters into force; Norway posts its first Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust



1219 cases

X24 January 2006


Eurojust provides support to prosecutions in the case of the sinking of the oil tanker Prestige – the College decides that Spain is better placed to prosecute than France

(FR and ES)

X22 February 2006


Eurojust and IberRED coordinate operation against child pornography on the internet, involving numerous countries in Europe and South America

(ES + 18 countries)

X1 March 2006


The Cooperation Agreement with Iceland enters into force


X1 May 2006


Eurojust urgently organises a controlled delivery for drug trafficking

(SE, RS, ME, HR, HU, AT, DE, DK, SL, CZ, SK, and CH)


1670 cases

X1 January 2007


The United States posts a Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust


X1 January 2007


Bulgaria and Romania join the EU and appoint National Members to Eurojust


X19 March 2007


Eurojust coordinates prosecution of serial killer active in France, Germany and Spain

(FR, ES and DE)

X5 November 2007


Operation Koala – Eurojust stops online child sex abuse spread to 28 countries

(BE, IT, NL, SE, UA, AU and US)


1986 cases

X8 May 2008


First Eurojust analysis of counterterrorism convictions (Eurojust's Terrorism Convictions Monitor)


X24 September 2008


The Practical Agreement on arrangements of cooperation between Eurojust and OLAF is signed


X16 December 2008


The Council adopts a Decision on the strengthening of Eurojust


2364 cases



Eurojust begins providing financial and logistical support to JITs


X1 December 2009


Entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. Criminal Justice becomes part of Community law and includes a dedicated provision on Eurojust’s role (Article 85)



2634 cases

X15 December 2010


Lost Boy case - Eurojust facilitates dismantling of a worldwide child abuse network

(IT, BE, RO, FR, DE, NL, CZ, UK, NO and US)

X16 December 2010


Prosecutors General meet for the first time at Eurojust in the 'Consultative forum' format


X20 December 2010


Eurojust coordinates the Gold Fish international fraud case where criminals caused EUR 56 million in damage

(IT, DK, FR, PT, ES, EL and NO)


2718 cases



Start of the on-call coordination (OCC) service, enabling judges, prosecutors and law enforcement authorities to request Eurojust’s assistance on a 24/7 basis


X8 February 2011


Eurojust holds its first coordination centre, supporting judicial authorities throughout the action day


X8 February 2011


Eurojust organises its first coordination centre - an international operation against migrant smuggling networkds

(FR, DE, CZ, UK and HU)


2867 cases

X20 November 2012


Eurojust action day against illegal immigration - sham marriage criminal network dismantled

(PT, FR, DK and UK)


3036 cases

X1 January 2013


Eurojust supports JIT in a case of illegal trade in wild and rare bird eggs

(SE, FI and UK)

X4 February 2013


Operation Veto - Eurojust supports large-scale football match-fixing investigation

(DE, FI, HU, AT and SL)

X1 July 2013


Croatia joins the EU and College


X1 November 2013


The Cooperation Agreement with Liechtenstein enters into force


X1 November 2013


National correspondents on terrorism discuss for the first time the judicial implications of the phenomenon of returning foreign fighters



3401 cases

X3 April 2014


Adoption of the Directive on the European Investigation Order in criminal matters


X6 May 2014


The EJN and Eurojust publish guidance on support they provide to prosecutions: Assistance in International Cooperation in Criminal Matters for Practitioners – What can we do for you?


X19 May 2014


Eurojust coordinates international action against creators, sellers and users of BlackShades malware

(NL, BE, FR, DE, FI, AT, EE, DK, IT, HR, UK, CH, US, CA, CL and MD)

X28 July 2014


9 days after the crash of Flight MH17 over Ukraine, a coordination meeting at Eurojust brings together investigators from involved countries

(UA, NL, UK, BE, DE and US)


4173 cases

X1 March 2015


Switzerland posts a Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust


X10 April 2015


Crash of Germanwings Airbus A320 - Eurojust assists in the exchange of evidence and identification of victims

(FR, BE, DE, ES, NL and UK)

X14 July 2015


Operation Vertigo - Start of a series of action days against carousel fraud scheme with EUR 300 million in VAT fraud

(DE, BE, CZ, DK, FR, IE, IT, LU, NL, PL, RO, SK, ES, SE, UK, CY, HU and AT)

X27 August 2015


48 hours after the bodies of 71 migrants are discovered in an abandoned truck in Austria, Eurojust facilitates a meeting among prosecutors from the Member States involved and helps prevent conflicts of jurisdiction

(DE, AT, HU, BG, SK and RS)

X12 November 2015


Operation JWEB - Joint action against radical Islamist terrorist group coordinated at Eurojust in

(IT, DE, FI, UK, CH and NO)

X13 November 2015


Terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis - Eurojust coordinates information and evidence exchange throughout the follow-up

(FR, AT, E, DE, BG, DK, IE, EL, ES, IT, HU, NL, SE, UK, US and PT)


4897 cases



Eurojust continues to give guidance on cases of conflicts of jurisdiction with a first joint recommendation on which state should prosecute and the revised Guidelines for deciding Which jurisdiction should prosecute?


X2 February 2016


Carousel fraud and money laundering network dismantled

(DE, FR, BE, ES, PT, LU and NL)

X5 April 2016


The European Court of Justice delivers its judgment in the Aranyosi and Caldararu cases on the EAW, prison conditions and fundamental rights. Eurojust monitors case-law developments for EU instruments on judicial cooperation


X23 May 2016


First EU Day Against Impunity for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes


X9 June 2016


The European Judicial Cybercrime Network is established


X1 October 2016


The Cooperation Agreement with Moldova enters into force


X1 December 2016


International criminal infrastructure platform ‘Avalanche’ is dismantled in cyber operation – Eurojust supports with advice on legal matters

(AT, BE, BG, FI, FR, DE, HU, IT, LT, LU, NL, PL, RO, SE, UK and 14 third countries)


5608 cases

X15 March 2017


Directive (EU) 2017/541 on combating terrorism is adopted, confirming the role of Eurojust in relation to jurisdiction matters in cases of terrorism


X20 March 2017


Successful action in EU social fraud case - contravention of EU regulations concerning cross-border employment of personnel with an estimated evasion of EUR 8-9 million in social contributions

(SK, PT, FR and BE)

X27 June 2017


NotPetya case - after a massive cyber attack affecting computer systems worldwide, a JIT supported by Eurojust collects electronic evidence

(FR, UA and 10 Member States)

X1 July 2017


Eurojust moves to its new, purposebuilt premises in The Hague


X1 September 2017


Montenegro posts a Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust



6654 cases

X1 January 2018


Caesar case - the Genocide Network and Eurojust tackle crimes against humanity committed in Syria

(DE and FR)

X1 June 2018


Eurojust publishes a memorandum on challenges and best practice in using battlefield evidence for investigations and prosecutions of terrorist offences


X1 August 2018


Ukraine posts a Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust


X1 November 2018


North Macedonia posts a Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust


X14 November 2018


Regulation (EU) 2018/1805 of the European Parliament and Council on mutual recognition of freezing orders and confiscation orders is adopted


X5 December 2018


Operation Pollino - largest crackdown on the ‘Ndrangheta mafia to date is coordinated by Eurojust

(NL, IT, DE, BE, LU, UK, ES, PT and CH)


7804 cases

X1 June 2019


Eurojust and the EJN provide guidance on the practical application of the European Investigation Order


X14 June 2019


Sexual abuse network stopped with Eurojust’s support

(FR, RO, DE and IT)

X1 July 2019


Eurojust helps reveal fake organic food fraud

(IT and RS)

X15 July 2019


Organised crime group selling contaminated fish brought down through joint action day

(RO, IT, ES, FR, PT and HU)

X1 September 2019


The Judicial Counter-Terrorism Register is established at Eurojust


X10 October 2019


A conference on Criminal Justice in the Digital Age is organised by Eurojust in Brussels


X22 October 2019


26 coordinated arrests in Belgium and France of suspects of a migrant smuggling criminal group after discovery of 39 deceased Vietnamese nationals inside a refrigerated trailer in Essex

(BE, FR and UK)

X25 November 2019


AMAQ case - coordinated take-down of Daesh propaganda infrastructure

(DE, BG, BE, ES, FR, LV, NL, RO, UK, NO, CH, CA and US)

X12 December 2019


The Eurojust Regulation enters into force, and Eurojust becomes the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation



8799 cases

X1 March 2020


Serbia and Georgia post Liaison Prosecutors at Eurojust


X1 March 2020


The Euromed Justice programme comes to Eurojust


X1 April 2020


In the days following the lockdown imposed by most Member States, Eurojust and the EJN coordinate the gathering and dissemination of information on The impact of COVID-19 on judicial cooperation in criminal matters. Weekly updates are published throughout 2020, and frequent revisions made in 2021.


X23 May 2020


Coordination within 24 hours through the Hungarian and Belgian National Desks results in indictment of suspected member of the IS terrorist organisation for terrorism and mass murder

(HU and BE)

X29 May 2020


The Focus Group on Migrant Smuggling is launched


X2 July 2020


Eurojust JIT dismantles EncroChat, an encrypted phone network widely used by criminal networks; evidence gained has since been used in hundreds of investigations

(FR, NL, SE, ES, UK and NO)

X3 December 2020


On invitation of the Council, Eurojust and the EJN report on practices of extradition of EU citizens to third countries, to follow up on the implications on the Petruhhin judgment


X21 December 2020


Eurojust receives a dedicated budget to cooperate with Europol in the SIRIUS project (knowledge sharing on cross-border access to electronic evidence)


10105 cases

X1 January 2021


The United Kingdom and Albania post Liaison Prosecutors at Eurojust


X12 February 2021


A working arrangement between Eurojust and the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) enters into force, marking the start of operational cooperation


X4 June 2021


Sentences for Belgian suspects in fipronil egg contamination case; Eurojust assists with JIT funding, common investigation and prosecution strategy and exchange of evidence

(BE, NL, DE, IT and RO)

X5 July 2021


Eurojust examines the prosecution of investment fraud and shares guidance


X1 December 2021


The Commission presents its proposals on the digitalisation of justice, including amendments to the Eurojust Regulation on the Counter-Terrorism Register and the JIT collaboration platform