Czech Republic

The Czech Desk is headed by Lukáš Starý, who is the National Member for the Czech Republic since February 2011.

In 2019, the Czech Desk was involved in 244 new cases, 34 coordination meetings, 3 coordination centres and 30 joint investigation teams.


National Member

National Member

Lukas Stary
Lukáš Starý

Lukáš Starý was appointed National Member for the Czech Republic on 1 February 2011. Mr Starý was a prosecutor in the International Department of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Czech Republic from October 2008 to June 2009. From 2003 to 2008, and again from 2009 until his appointment at Eurojust, Mr Starý worked at the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Karvina.

Deputy National Member

Anna Richterová was appointed Deputy National Member for the Czech Republic in October 2008. She has 20 years of experience in the judiciary as a prosecutor. Between 1987 and 1999, she worked as a prosecutor with the District and, subsequently, Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Prague. After 1999, she worked as a trial attorney and later as a senior trial attorney at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. She currently works as a prosecutor in the international department of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Seconded National Expert

Josef Zronek works as a Public Prosecutor at the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Litoměřice since December 2012. He is specialised in international judicial cooperation, traffic accidents and environmental crime. Before, he worked as an assistant to a criminal judge at the District Court in České Budějovice.

National Desk Administrative Assistant

Hana Čejpová joined Eurojust in 2011. Before, she worked at the Police Headquarters in Prague. She finished her studies at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic and the Metropolitan University of Prague in the fields of Security, Law, European studies and Public Administration. Her professional career and interest is dedicated to the support of judicial and police cooperation.

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New cases
2017: 113 (initiating) + 92 (participating)
2018: 136 (initiating) + 102 (participating)
2019: 119 (initiating) + 125 (participating)

Coordination meetings (initiating and/or participating)
2017: 22
2018: 24
2019: 34

Coordination centres (initiating and/or participating)
2017: -
2018: 1
2019: 3

Joint investigation teams (initiating and/or participating)
2017: 11
2018: 32
2019: 30

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