Eurojust’s casework is demand-driven, and the five main crime types concerned in new cases registered in 2020 were swindling and fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, investigations targeting mobile organised crime groups (MOCGs) and trafficking in human beings.

The following casework figures are taken from Eurojust's Annual Report 2020.

Eurojust casework 2014 - 2020

Chart showing increase in casework from 2014 to 2020

Eurojust cases by crime type 2020

Chart showing cases by crime type in 2020, both new and ongoing

Eurojust cases by crime type 2019-2020

Cases by crime type in 2019 and 2020

Overview of Eurojust casework by crime type 2020

Swindling and fraud cases in 2020
Money laundering cases in 2020
Drug trafficking cases in 2020
Mobile organized crime groups related cases in 2020
Trafficking in human beings cases in 2020
Cybercrime cases in 2020
Corruption cases in 2020
Migrant smuggling cases in 2020