Reports on requests

Reports on requestEurojust publishes comprehensive, up-to-date information on requests for public access to Eurojust documents, including statistics regarding the number and nature of access requests. This information is provided in the following tabs and can also be found via the Public Register of documents.

Report on requests 2021

In 2021, Eurojust received 20 individual requests and 9 requests for consultations for public access to documents. The total number of requests (29) more than doubled compared to the previous year (13). More than 3 times more requests received for operational documents than in 2020 while the requests for administrative documents also showed a slight increase. Eurojust granted full and partial access to 50 documents, marking a 42% increase compared to 2020. Concerning the total number of operational documents requested (51), Eurojust granted full access to 7 documents and to 30 more with redactions. Eurojust refused access to 14 documents in total on the basis of exceptions according to Article 4 of College Decision 2020-02. Eurojust further increased the number of documents available for the public in its Public Register.

Please consult the following link for the full report on requests in 2021.

Reports from previous years