6.5 Building relations with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and the European Anti-Fraud Office

‘I believe it is crucial not only for our Agency but also for the European Union as a whole that we reinforce the democratic legitimacy of the European institutions, bodies and agencies. Let today be the start of a fruitful and continuous dialogue between Eurojust and you as representatives of the European people.’

Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust

Throughout 2020, Eurojust was in continuous contact with the EPPO to lay the groundwork for a privileged working relationship and close cooperation in combating crimes against the financial interests of the European Union. The Agency also built further on the close cooperation with OLAF, including through cooperation in casework.

EU actors for criminal justice across borders: Eurojust, OLAF, EPPO

European Public Prosecutor’s Office

Establishing working relations with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

‘The EPPO and Eurojust have different, complementary competences and tools but the same assignment: to combat crime. I want the EPPO to become a centre of excellence for the seizure of criminal assets and a game-changer in the fight against cross-border VAT fraud. I look forward to engaging in efficient and pragmatic cooperation with Eurojust with this objective in mind.’

Laura Kövesi, European Public Prosecutor, during her visit to Eurojust in March 2020

The European Union is working towards setting up the EPPO, which will be an independent, decentralised prosecution office of the European Union with a mandate to investigate, prosecute and bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes affecting the EU budget.

The EPPO will work hand in hand with national authorities and will be a privileged partner to Eurojust. Throughout 2020, the two institutions were in close contact to lay the foundations for a working arrangement, which was signed on 11 February 2021 and will govern the cooperation at strategic, operational and administrative level.

European Anti-Fraud Office

Close cooperation with the European Anti-Fraud Office

Eurojust has maintained cooperative relations with OLAF since 2008 to enhance the fight against crimes affecting the financial interests of the European Union. Building on an upward trend in OLAF's participation in cases coordinated through Eurojust, OLAF took part in a JIT between Belgian and Romanian authorities that successfully unveiled a money laundering scheme associated with an EU-funded railway infrastructure project in Romania.

In June 2020, Eurojust organised a training, which was hosted digitally by OLAF for approximately 50 OLAF investigators. The training included a hands-on exchange of best practice of judicial cooperation between the institutions, and ways to enhance these practices were jointly explored.