Scam alert

Legal notice –warning

Please be aware that Eurojust's name and logo may be used to commit internet fraud and scams. Eurojust hereby wishes to draw the public's attention to recent information about attempts at internet fraud that misuse Eurojust's name and logo. The fraudsters usually ask their targets to pay for fictitious legal services rendered, pay for services to recuperate 'funds' or taxes on bank transfers on behalf of or in association with Eurojust.

Eurojust is the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation. As an agency of the EU established in 2002, Eurojust's goal is to stimulate and improve the coordination of investigations and prosecutions in the Member States in relation to serious cross-border crime, particularly when it is organised. Eurojust neither provides legal services to individuals or companies nor hires others to do so.

Therefore, if you receive a message or an invoice displaying the name and logo of Eurojust and asking you to transfer money, please be aware that you have been targeted by of a fraud attempt as Eurojust never requests payment for any of its services.

Should you nevertheless have any doubts about the authenticity of the request, please feel free to contact Eurojust before making the payment at this address:

We also encourage any victims of fraud or persons who were contacted with the intention to be defrauded to contact the competent authorities in their respective Member States.

Please note that Eurojust cannot be held liable for any damage you may suffer due to internet fraud

Examples of internet fraud using Eurojust name and logo