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Operational and strategic activities

Cybercrime Judicial Monitor

The Cybercrime Judicial Monitor (CJM) is a regular Eurojust report designed to assist prosecutors, judges, law enforcement and other judicial practitioners in the Member States, by supporting their work in the emerging area of cross-border cybercrime. The report was developed specifically at the request of judicial practitioners in the Member States who, given the growing cyber threat in Europe, expressed the need for a tool highlighting common challenges, possible solutions and lessons learned in cybercrime cases.

Published annually since 2016, the CJM follows the methodology of the Terrorism Convictions Monitor (TCM) in providing concrete insights based on information from real investigations and judgements, and the real-life experiences of those operating in the field. Indeed, the CJM is produced mainly on the basis of information sent to Eurojust by members of the European Judicial Cybercrime Network (EJCN) as well as open-source information.

The CJM is composed of three main sections:

  1. Legal updates: offering an overview of relevant provisions or legal instruments at Member State, EU and international levels.
  2. Judicial analysis: presenting relevant judgments issued throughout the Member States by way of relevant case studies and/or legal and comparative analyses. This section typically offers detailed analyses of selected court hearings as well as overviewing other rulings in brief.
  3. Data retention developments in Europe: providing an overview of legislative and/or case law developments within Europe in the area of data retention.
  4. Topic(s) of interest: addressing topics or issues widely and consistently raised by practitioners, Member States or EU institutions, including case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as well as other national developments.

All previously published editions of the Cybercrime Judicial Monitor can be found in the document library.