Eurojust Virtual Tour

Welcome to Eurojust! We invite you to join us on a Virtual Tour of our premises. You are about to see where we are working – and, more importantly, how we do so. Whether you take the full tour or watch individual parts of it, you are guaranteed to get unique insights into our mission, our tools and the many ways in which we contribute to the safety of the European Union and its citizens.

In this brief introduction, you will meet your tour guide Cecilia and get to know the basics of the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation and its mission. You can then continue the tour by exploring the thematic videos below.


In the dunes, by the sea

Enjoy our headquarters’ exterior, built in an undulating dune landscape with grassy vegetation, wildflowers and water features, ingeniously incorporating the security requirements within the landscape design.


A purpose-built facility

Our building is home to 400 workplaces on more than 18.500 square metres. Come in to see how the architecture reflects the core values of Eurojust: transparency, collaboration and mutual trust.


National Desks

Working together hand in hand to ensure that justice is done: that is our mission at Eurojust. Discover how the National Desks, supported by the Administration, cooperate successfully to fight serious cross-border crime.


Timeline of a case

Each case is different – but they all have one thing in common: we do our very best to help national authorities solve them. In this video, you will learn how this works in detail.


Coordination meetings

Bringing people together is at the heart of what we do. This means much more than providing meeting rooms: see for yourself how we facilitate international judicial cooperation through expertise, flexibility and dedication.


Coordination centres

Take a unique look behind the scenes and learn how joint action days are being steered in real time from Eurojust’s headquarters in The Hague, ensuring that the actions taken lead to successful prosecutions.


The College

Get insights into the organisational structure of Eurojust: after watching this video, you will be familiar with the main pillars of our Agency, such as the College, the Executive Board, the Presidency and the Administration.


A gateway to jurisdictions around the world

Crime does not stop at Europe’s borders. That is why global cooperation is so important. We explain what Liaison Prosecutors do, who our partners in the EU security chain are and which judicial networks we host.


Art at Eurojust

Even though Eurojust is not a museum, we present changing displays of art on our premises. Watch this video and find out how we celebrate the cultural diversity of Europe.