20 Years On: Main Developments in the Fight Against Impunity for Core International Crimes in the EU

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Using observations collected by the Genocide Network Secretariat from Genocide Network Member and Observer States, this report engages in a stocktaking exercise. Looking back at recommendations listed in the 2014 Strategy of the Genocide Network to combat impunity for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes within the EU, the report highlights both achievements and shortcomings of the EU judicial response to core international crimes. The report demonstrates that capacity to investigate and prosecute these cases has significantly increased at institutional and national levels. However, specialisation in this crime area remains uneven among Member States and capacity building is needed.

Based on this report, the Genocide Network will launch an internal consultation and set up a working group tasked with formulating an updated set of recommendations. These updated recommendations will be used to define a new strategy in support of the EU’s and Member States’ renewed commitment to combating impunity for core international crimes.