Past selections 2006

The table below provides an overview of positions advertised at Eurojust in 2006 that are now closed. For ongoing vacancies, please visit our eRecruitment site or Secondments page.

Reference number Post title Status
06/EJ/100 Secretary to Euorjust (Maltese Desk) Position filled
06/EJ/CA/09 AGIS Project Officer Position filled
06/EJ/99 Secretary to Eurojust (Italian Desk) Position filled
06/EJ/98 Human Resources Policy Officer Position filled
06/EJ/97 Facility and General Services Operator Position filled
06/EJ/96 Coordinator for the Secretaries of the College of Eurojust Position filled
06/EJ/95 Librarian / Information Officer Position filled
06/EJ/94 Facility and General Services Operator Cancelled
06/EJ/CA/08 Legal Officer Position filled
06/EJ/93 Secretary to Eurojust (Greek Desk) Position filled
06/EJ/91 Assistant to the College Teams Cancelled
06/EJ/92 Secretary to Eurojust (Slovak Desk) Position filled
06/EJ/90 Budget and Finance Support Officer Position filled
06/EJ/89 General Services Help Desk Operator / Handyman Cancelled
06/EJ/88 Head of Human Resources Position filled
06/EJ/CA/06 Webmaster Cancelled
06/EJ/CA/05 Network Administrator Cancelled
06/EJ/CA/04 Application Manager Position filled
06/EJ/85 Secretary to Eurojust (President of the College of Eurojust) Position filled
06/EJ/87 Secretary to Eurojust (Maltese Desk) Cancelled
06/EJ/84 Receptionist Position filled
06/EJ/81 ICT Developer Position filled
06/EJ/80 Help Desk Operator Position filled
06/EJ/86 Legal Officer Position filled
06/EJ/82 ICT Trainer / Project Officer Republished
06/EJ/83 Assistant to the Press and PR Service Position filled
06/EJ/CA/07 ICT Security Officer and Risk Manager Position filled
06/EJ/79 Facilities Management Support Officer Position filled
06/EJ/78 Human Resources Assistant in Charge of Personnel Administration Cancelled