Multi-Annual Strategy

Multi annual strategy infographicEurojust’s Multi-Annual Strategies (MAS) cover a three-year period and set out Eurojust’s mission statement, Multi-Annual Strategic Objectives (MASO) and Strategic Action Areas (SAA).

In the annual budget planning process, the MAS is translated into annual objectives, activities and performance indicators of the annual work programme of the Single Programming Document, upon which the corresponding financial and human resources comprising the budget are established.

The progress in achieving the Multi-Annual Strategic Objectives is monitored and reported on a quarterly basis through the strategic performance indicators.

Eurojust’s Multi-Annual Strategy 2019-2021 serves to guide the activities and priorities of the organisation, outlining the goals and objectives to further Eurojust’s vision as the EU leading partner in bringing criminals to justice and a key player in ensuring a more secure world, and thereby deliver on its mission to serve justice across borders for a safer Europe.

The current MAS comprises three Multi-Annual Strategic Objectives and five Strategic Action Areas, which determine its priorities and allocation of resources. It emphasizes the need to deliver more and better results in the core operational activities of Eurojust, with the main aim to excel in its services to the EU Member States.

The strategic objectives relate to

  1. Casework: Eurojust functions as the European Union centre for international judicial cooperation and coordination between competent authorities in serious cross-border crime cases, by providing quick and qualitative support to competent authorities and reinforcing operational cooperation with key partners.

  2. Policy work: Eurojust, as the EU centre of judicial and legal expertise, contributes to enhanced international judicial cooperation measures and criminal justice policy, to the EU internal security strategy and to measures concerning judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

  3. Organisational development: Eurojust is a dynamic and effective organisation by ensuring effective organisational structure and processes and ensuring excellent communication capacities.

The MAS 2022-2025 is currently in preparation in consultation with Eurojust’s stakeholders.


Multi-Annual Strategy 2019-2021

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