Working at Eurojust

Working at Eurojust

Working at Eurojust is stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding. Eurojust’s staff members come to work each day with a strong sense of purpose, knowing their work helps to create a safer Europe for its citizens.

By joining Eurojust's team in The Hague, you will be part of an engaging, collegial and diverse environment, working closely with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. Eurojust’s modern, custom-built premises in the heart of The Hague’s International Zone are designed to encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing, providing bright, open communal spaces, where people can get together and exchange ideas.

In the following tabs, discover what makes working for Eurojust special, which benefits we offer and how pleasant life can be in The Hague.

Why work for us?

The European Union is based on freedom and stability. However, these core values cannot be taken for granted – they need to be protected and defended day by day. As the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, we play a key role in safeguarding the principles and values on which our European societies are built.

Eurojust’s activities and expertise span many different areas of the criminal and judicial landscape. Our staff members work on the frontline of international investigations and prosecutions, leading the judicial response to the growing threats of organised crime, terrorism, cybercrime, drug and migrant smuggling, corruption and fraud. Together with the national authorities of the Member States and our international partners, we ensure that the EU is keeping one step ahead of criminals and that justice is done across borders.

Eurojust building

Eurojust Virtual Tour

Join us on a Virtual Tour of our premises and see where we are working – and, more importantly, how we do so.


This is exactly what makes working for Eurojust truly unique and rewarding: you will be joining a purpose-driven team that is making a real difference for the European Union and its citizens. Building bridges and making connections is at the heart of our mission, and you will find this back in our organisational culture. Eurojust provides an inclusive, equal opportunity, modern and flexible work environment, which stimulates collaboration and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practice.

Our staff comprises highly skilled experts from the EU Member States. With so many different professional and cultural backgrounds, diversity is not just a buzzword, it is part of the Eurojust DNA. We are working across borders, figuratively and literally, and we are proud of the performance we deliver and the impact we make.

Our success depends on our people. Through personal development plans and various training opportunities, Eurojust supports its staff to reach their full potential. Our interdisciplinary and multicultural environment is both challenging and enriching, allowing us to learn from each other and to grow with each other.

At Eurojust, we are united by our passion for justice and our commitment to results. Come join us on our mission and work together with inspiring colleagues from all across the EU to make Europe a safer place.

What we offer


Eurojust’s staff is its most important asset, and retaining high-quality, motivated employees is a key priority. As a Eurojust staff member, you can expect excellent opportunities for training and development as well as a number of other benefits, including:

  • expatriation or foreign residence allowance;
  • household allowance;
  • dependent child allowance;
  • education allowance;
  • access to the European School of The Hague for dependents;
  • flexible working arrangements, including part-time, flexi-time and teleworking options;
  • health and personal accident insurance; and
  • pension and unemployment scheme.


The basic salary will be subject to various allowances as well as tax, social security and other deductions set out in the staff regulations. The basic salary is exempted from national tax.

To reflect the higher cost of living in The Hague compared to Brussels, the basic salary is weighted by applying a coefficient based on the cost of living in The Hague. The basic salaries indicated in the tables below are the amounts before the adjustment.

Relocation support

Relocating to a new city or country is often challenging. Eurojust wants to ensure that your move to The Hague goes as smoothly as possible by supporting you in some of the practical and administrative aspects of your relocation.

Eurojust’s Host State Relations team is available to assist you and your family upon arrival in the Netherlands, providing various types of support, including:

  • registration and deregistration for you and your family members with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • help opening a bank account in the Netherlands;
  • advice on housing, utilities, parking permits, schools and day care establishments;
  • guidance on accessing healthcare;
  • links to expat services and relocation companies;
  • applications for Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) ID cards, burgerservicenummers (BSN) and advice on privileges and immunities; and
  • registration and deregistration of your vehicle and exchange of your driving licence.

Finding short- or long-term housing in The Hague prior to taking up your appointment at Eurojust is advised. A number of useful external sites can help you with this process.

Living in The Hague

The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands, with more than half a million inhabitants. Together with Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam, the city forms the country’s economic heartland, known as the Randstad region. Those moving here will discover one of Europe’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities, hosting a variety of international organisations, embassies and schools, as well as a diverse multinational community.

Rich in history and culture, The Hague has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, with a range of renowned museums and attractions, as well as a busy schedule of cultural events throughout the year. The city also has a wide choice of restaurants, cafes and shops to suit all tastes. For those looking for a leisurely stroll on the beach or even a dip in the ocean, Scheveningen, one of the Netherlands’ premier seaside resorts, is just a short tram ride away.

While The Hague offers something for everyone, the city is especially popular among families with children, with a number of safe and affordable residential neighbourhoods to choose from, as well as a wide selection of excellent local (Dutch-speaking) and international schools, including the European School of The Hague.

Whatever your interests and stage in life, you will find that The Hague is an excellent place to call home.