Eurojust employs two different types of staff:

  • Temporary agents classified in two functions groups, Administrators (AD) and Assistants (AST), depending on the nature of the duties involved.
  • Contract agents classified in four functions groups, I, II, III and IV, depending on the nature of the duties involved.

The usual duration of contract is 5 years for a temporary agent and 3 years for a contract agent. Both may be renewed once for another fixed period and if renewed for a second time, the contract will be for an indefinite period. Other durations of contract may be offered depending on the needs of Eurojust.

Staff members are selected through selection procedures run independently by Eurojust. See further information on the application and recruitment process.


Visit Eurojust's e-Recruitment site

To view our open positions and apply, please visit our eRecruitment site:

The deadline for applications for all our vacancies is 11:59:59 midday (CET/CEST).

If you wish to apply for a position at Eurojust, you must apply to a vacancy on the eRecruitment site. Eurojust does not accept applications submitted by any other means (e.g. email or post), or any speculative applications.

Please see this page for more information on secondments to Eurojust and this page for more information on traineeships at Eurojust.