Administrative Director

Administrative DirectorThe Administrative Director manages the administration of Eurojust, which in turn supports the Eurojust College. The Administrative Director is a temporary agent appointed by the College to implement day-to-day administrative tasks assigned to Eurojust. He or she is appointed for a term of four years, with a term limit of two terms. The Administrative Director functions as the legal representative of Eurojust. Since 1 March 2023, Evert van Walsum is the Administrative Director of Eurojust.


The Eurojust Administrative Director is generally responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administration of Eurojust and staff management, and for ensuring the necessary administrative support is provided to facilitate Eurojust’s operational work. Other specific functions of the Administrative Director include:

  • ensuring the President and Vice-Presidents receive the necessary administrative support to carry out their duties;

  • implementing the decisions adopted by the Eurojust College and Executive Board;

  • preparing Eurojust’s programming document and submitting it to the Executive Board for review;

  • implementing the programming document and reporting to the Executive Board and College on its implementation;

  • preparing the annual report on Eurojust’s activities and presenting it to the Executive Board for review and to the College for adoption;

  • preparing an action plan to follow up the conclusions of internal or external audit reports, evaluations and investigations, and reporting on progress twice a year to the College, Executive Board, European Commission and EDPS;

  • preparing an anti-fraud strategy for Eurojust and presenting it to the Executive Board for adoption;

  • preparing draft financial rules applicable to Eurojust;

  • preparing Eurojust’s draft statement of estimates of revenue and expenditure and implementing its annual budget;

  • preparing a draft proposal for the budget, for review by the Executive Board; and

  • appointing authority or concluding contracts of employment of other servants.

Appointment procedure

Eurojust’s Administrative Director is appointed by the College from a list of candidates proposed by the Executive Board. His or her term of office lasts four years, with a term limit of two terms.


Evert van Walsum is a Dutch national who has held managerial positions of increasing responsibility at national and European financial regulators. Before joining Eurojust, he served as the Head of the Investors and Issuers Department at the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Mr van Walsum holds a Masters in Law from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA from INSEAD Fontainebleau and Singapore.