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How to make an appeal

To lodge an appeal, you should submit a written complaint to the Secretariat of the JSB within 30 days of receiving Eurojust's decision regarding the exercise of data subject rights.

In your letter to the JSB, you must outline the basis of the complaint. The following information must be clear: who is complaining, what you are complaining about and on what grounds. The complaint should be accompanied by any supporting documentation available. You may withdraw your appeal at any time.

When the JSB Secretariat has received your complaint, it will write to you within four weeks to acknowledge receipt and to provide you with some general information on the appeals procedure.

Further information on the procedure followed by the JSB can be found under Articles 11 to 26 of the JSB's rules of procedure.

Correspondence should be addressed to:

Secretariat of the Joint Supervisory Body of Eurojust
P.O. Box 16183
2500 BD The Hague
The Netherlands

Tel +31 70 412 5512
Fax +31 70 412 5515
E-mail: JSB Secretariat

Appeal decisions of the Joint Supervisory Body