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College of Eurojust

Eurojust is composed of 28 National Members, one from each of the European Union’s Member States. National Members are seconded in accordance with their respective legal systems and are judges, prosecutors or police officers of equivalent competence.

National Members are subject to the national legislation of their appointing Member State as regards their status, which also determines the term of office, as well as the nature and extent of the judicial powers conferred upon them.

Several Member States have appointed Deputies and Assistants to support/assist and act on behalf of or to substitute their National Member. Some National Members are also supported in their day-to-day casework by Seconded National Experts (SNEs). SNEs are part of the Eurojust administration, but work closely with their National Desks.

The National Members form the College of Eurojust, which is responsible for the organisation and operation of Eurojust. Eurojust may fulfil its tasks through one or more National Members or as a College.

In October 2017, the College elected Ladislav Hamran, National Member for the Slovak Republic, as its President. The National Members for Germany and Italy, Klaus Meyer-Cabri and Filippo Spiezia, were elected Vice-President in November 2016 and December 2017 respectively.