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Objectives and tools

Eurojust National Coordination System

The goal of the Eurojust National Coordination System (ENCS) is to co-ordinate the work of national authorities and Eurojust. The national correspondents for Eurojust shall be responsible for the functioning of the ENCS.

The ENCS in each of the Member State connects:
  • the national correspondents for Eurojust,
  • the national correspondents for Eurojust for terrorism matters,
  • the national correspondent for the European Judicial Network and up to three other contact points of national correspondents for Eurojust,
  • the National Members or contact points of the networks concerning Joint Investigation Teams; genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes; asset recovery and corruption.

The ENCS facilitates, within each Member State, the carrying out of the tasks of Eurojust and inter alia helps to ensure that the Case Management System of Eurojust receives information related to the Member States concerned in an efficient and reliable manner.

View/download Eurojust paper on ENCS structure and tasks and the ideal profile of national correspondents for Eurojust.