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Joint Investigation Teams (JITs)

JITs Network


The Network of National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams (JITs Network) was established in July 2005. Since mid-January 2011, the JITs Network has a Secretariat, hosted by Eurojust, which promotes the activities of the JITs Network and supports the National Experts in their work.

The objective of the JITs Network, consisting of at least one National Expert per Member State, is to facilitate the work of practitioners. The JITs Network primarily encourages the use of JITs, facilitates their setting up, and contributes to the sharing of experience and best practice. The National Experts are primarily representatives from law enforcement, prosecutorial and/or judicial authorities of the Member States. Institutional bodies such as Eurojust, Europol, OLAF, the European Commission and the Council of the EU have also appointed contact points to the JITs Network.

Since 2005, the meetings of the National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams and the JITs Network have been held annually. These meetings are organised with the support of Eurojust and Europol, and provide a forum for the Member States and institutions to share experience and challenges and propose solutions from a practitioner’s point of view.

JITs Network leaflet: 'Network of Experts on joint investigation teams (JITs)'

To contact your JIT National Expert(s), please check available domestic channels (intranets, etc.). If you cannot find the necessary information, please e-mail the Network Secretariat at