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Joint Investigation Teams (JITs)

Eurojust JITs funding

Since 2009, Eurojust has been providing financial and logistical support to the operational activities of JITs. Eurojust can reimburse costs incurred by Member States and by third States involved in a JIT.

The financing of JITs by Eurojust enhances the use of this tool by ensuring that financial and other organisational constraints linked to the cross-border nature of cases do not hinder the establishment and operational needs of JITs.

Eurojust does not finance individual JITs in their entirety, but assists by reimbursing the costs of three common areas of expenditure: 1) travel and accommodation, 2) interpretation and translation, and 3) transfer of items (procedural documents, evidence or items seized during JIT operations).

In addition, to address the increased need for communication between JIT members, as well as the possible lack of facilities and infrastructure, Eurojust loans equipment, such as mobile telephones, laptops, mobile printers and scanners.

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Documents related to JITs funding are available in the relevant section of the Document Library.