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Data protection

Data Protection Officer

Data Protection at Eurojust

Diana Alonso Blas has been the the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at Eurojust since November 2003. The DPO plays a fundamental role regarding internal control of data protection compliance within the organisation.

The role of the DPO at Eurojust is defined by Article 17 of the Eurojust Decision. The DPO is a specially appointed member of the Eurojust staff, entrusted with the main task of ensuring, in an independent manner, lawfulness and compliance with the provisions of the Eurojust Decision concerning the processing of personal data and any other applicable rules. In the performance of the duties referred to in the Eurojust Decision, the DPO acts independently.

One of the significant tasks of the DPO is to act as a link between Eurojust and the Joint Supervisory Body (JSB) to ensure that the JSB members are sufficiently informed about the activities of Eurojust regarding data protection matters and the implementation of rules. At every meeting, the JSB exchanges views with the DPO, who informs the members of all ongoing matters and of the issues that may require their attention in the future. The strong collaboration of the DPO and the JSB benefits both in meeting their responsibilities to ensure the application of data protection requirements.

According to Article 27 of the Data Protection Rules of Eurojust, the DPO conducts annual surveys on compliance with the Data Protection Rules of Eurojust. The DPO reports to the College and the JSB on the results of these surveys. This information is taken on board by the JSB when carrying out their supervisory tasks, particularly their inspections.

The DPO is an internal auditor of the organisation, but not only that. Any Eurojust post-holder may raise an alleged breach of the provisions governing the processing of personal data with the DPO, or ask the DPO for any kind of advice on the matters related with data protection and data processing. In case of alleged breach, the DPO will carry out the investigation with close co-operation of all involved parties.

In the event of non-compliance, the DPO directly informs the College and the Administrative Director and, should a solution to the issue not be found internally, the JSB. The JSB can rectify a situation or impose general measures to improve data protection at Eurojust.

The DPO liaises with other data protection authorities, DPOs of other European institutions, Europol and the European Data Protection Supervisor, exchanging views and helping to promote the work of Eurojust. The DPO follows any data protection-related legislative initiative being planned at European level to ensure that Eurojust is informed of developments and can make a contribution to these proposals.

Related documentation: legal framework documents, activity reports, information leaflets and other publications related to data protection at Eurojust are published in the Data Protection and JSB sections of the document library.