Past selections 2017

The table below provides an overview of positions advertised at Eurojust in 2017 that are now closed. For ongoing vacancies, please visit our eRecruitment site or Secondments page.

Reference number Post title Status
17/EJ/14 Judicial Cooperation Assistant (AST 3) * Closed
17/EJ/13 HR Officer (AST 3) Closed
IAM/17/EJ/01 Human Resources Officer (AST 3-4) * Closed
17/EJ/12 Head of the Operations Department (AD 11) closed
17/EJ/11 Head of the Resources Department (AD 11) Closed
17/EJ/10 Head of the Human Resources Unit (AD 10) Closed
17/EJ/08 Proofreader/Copywriter (AST 3) Closed
17/EJ/09 Head of the Corporate Communications Unit (AD 9) Closed
17/EJ/07 JIT Grants Coordinator (AD 6) Closed
17/EJ/06 Administrative Assistant (AST 2) Closed
17/EJ/04 Judicial Cooperation Advisor in the Operations Unit (AD 6) Closed
17/EJ/05 Administrative Assistant to Eurojust (National Desk of Belgium 50% and National Desk of Luxembourg 50%) (AST 2) Closed
17/EJ/SNE/01 Seconded National Expert to represent Eurojust in the European Counter-Terrorism Centre established at Europol (ECTC) Closed
17/EJ/CA/02 Administrative Assistant to Eurojust (Greek National Desk) Closed
17/EJ/CA/03 Administrative Assistant to Eurojust (French National Desk) Closed
17/EJ/03 ICT Support Officer (AST3) Closed
17/EJ/02 Administrative Assistant to Eurojust - 50% Luxembourg National Desk and 50% Belgian National Desk (AST 2) Closed
17/EJ/CA/01 Administrative Assistant to Eurojust - Dutch National Desk (FG II) Closed
17/EJ/01 Administrative director (AD 14) Closed