Serbian-led drug smuggling network halted in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands

02 December 2022|PRESS RELEASE

Flags of RS, BE, LU, NL and Europol Eurojust logosEurojust coordinated a recent action day during which seven members of a Serbian-led drug trafficking network were arrested simultaneously in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Serbia. During the operation, a total of 115 kilograms of cocaine was seized. Europol provided analytical support to the action day.

The organised crime group (OCG) trafficked cocaine from South America via the Netherlands and Belgium to Germany and the United Kingdom. For this purpose, members of the group hid the drugs in concrete panels. To conceal the transport of drugs to the outside world, the OCG replaced panels legally acquired in Luxembourg with similar self-produced versions, in which the cocaine was hidden.

Case photosDuring the action day carried out on 26 November, 22 concrete panels were seized, each containing several packages of cocaine. The hiding of the drugs in the panels was done in a warehouse in the Belgian town of Arlon, where four of the suspects were arrested. The three other alleged members of the OCG were arrested in Serbia, Luxembourg and the Netherlands on the same day.

Investigations into the OCG began early this year, and Eurojust organised several coordination meetings to prepare for the action day. The Agency provided judicial assistance to the national authorities involved and coordinated the operation. Serbia is one of the ten third countries with a Liaison Prosecutor at Eurojust.

The action was carried out by the following authorities:

  • Serbia: Prosecutors Office for Organized Crime; Ministry of Interior; Belgrade City Police Department for the city of Belgrade; Department for Combating Serious Crime and Criminal Groups; Security Information Agency
  • Belgium: Investigative Judge Judicial District Luxembourg; Federal Judicial Police:
  • The Netherlands: National Public Prosecutor’s Office; National Police