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Press releases

Towards a Common Judicial Response to Foreign Fighters

The Hague, 26 June 2015

​Eurojust hosts a tactical and strategic meeting on terrorism

For the third consecutive year, Eurojust has put the considerable and growing threat of returning foreign fighters at the top of its counter-terrorism agenda, and held tactical and strategic meetings on 24 and 25 June, chaired by Ms Michèle Coninsx, President of Eurojust, National Member for Belgium and Chair of its Counter-Terrorism Team.

Attending the meetings were the Eurojust National Correspondents for Terrorism, high-level counter-terrorism prosecution experts from the Member States, representatives from the national authorities of the Member States and third States, representatives from the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, Europol, INTERPOL and Frontex.

Topics on the tactical meeting’s agenda were the criminal justice response to foreign fighters in the European Union, enhanced judicial cooperation with third States in foreign fighter cases, and challenges and lessons learned from prosecutions of foreign fighters. Animated discussions took place on the adequacy of the legal framework, gathering and admissibility of e-evidence, and exchange of information.
Presentations on the prosecution of foreign fighters in Member States and third States were delivered by senior prosecutors to provide a national perspective. On the second day, three workshops dealt with a case scenario.

The tactical meeting was followed directly on 25 June by the 11th annual strategic meeting of the EU National Correspondents for Terrorism. Representatives from the European Commission made a presentation on the European Agenda on Security, and highlighted the importance of the involvement of Eurojust in initiatives at EU level. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion on developments in the national and EU legal framework on terrorism. The meeting ended with an update on Eurojust deliverables on terrorism.

Ms Coninsx commented at the end of the counter-terrorism meetings: ‘We have once again met to discuss practical ways of countering this worldwide threat to our security. A common, multidisciplinary approach is needed. Prosecuting these foreign fighters is a challenge that we must address together, by building on our achievements and attaining a higher level of performance. Eurojust is a key partner, doing what it can to assist the national authorities in analysis of national judgements, coordination of prosecutions and support and funding for joint investigation teams. By holding these meetings, Eurojust provides a forum for sharing information, best practice, developing new tools and understanding the behaviour of foreign fighters.’

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