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Press releases

Dutch-Hungarian human trafficking joint action aided by Eurojust and Europol

The Hague, 2 June 2015

Three men were arrested today in northern Hungary in a coordinated action conducted by the Royal Dutch Military Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) and Hungarian Police. Eight homes in the town of Salgótarján were searched. The men, suspected of the sexual exploitation of women in The Hague, are expected to be brought to the Netherlands soon.

Investigators from the Koninklijke Marechaussee today also conducted a search of four premises in the red light district of The Hague on suspicion of human trafficking. Two locations, with sixteen windows, will be shut down. Computers, telephones and documents were seized.

The THB investigation began in 2014. A Hungarian woman claimed to have been coerced into prostitution, along with other Hungarian women, by two of the suspects. She claimed to have been forced to earn EUR 600-700 per day, with all of her earnings taken by the men. The men were accused of using physical threats and violence to force the women to keep working.

The traffickers used the money earned by the prostitutes for purchasing drugs and luxury items in Hungary. An investigation into the men’s assets has commenced.

Two suspected trafficking victims have been turned over to the anti-trafficking organisation CoMensha.
The international cooperation efforts of the police and judicial authorities were facilitated by a joint investigation team (JIT) formed between the Netherlands and Hungary, with support in its setting up from Eurojust and Europol, and funding from Eurojust.

At the completion of the operation, a public prosecutor from the Dutch Public Prosecution Service stated:
Sexual exploitation of prostitutes is a lucrative business for people trafficking in human beings, and has our highest priority. THB constitutes a gross breach of human dignity and the physical and spiritual integrity of the victims of slavery, and is a violation of fundamental human rights. Trafficking in human beings is modern slavery.’


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