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Press releases

Eurojust facilitates arrest of Albanian murder suspect

The Hague, 16 April 2013

Yesterday, in a meticulously timed operation coordinated by Italian carabinieri and Dutch police, an Albanian citizen was arrested, charged with the murder of one Albanian citizen and the attempted murder of another Albanian citizen in Savona, Italy in 2000.

The suspect, a member of an organised criminal group involved in prostitution at the time the murder and attempted murder had been committed, fled to Albania. Two European Arrest Warrants had been issued by the Public Prosecution Office of Savona, one in March 2002 and one in October 2009. Within this time period, the suspect was arrested in Albania by Albanian authorities and sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment.

As the crimes were committed on Italian soil, the Italian authorities asked for the suspect to be extradited to Italy. He was duly surrendered to the Italian authorities, but due to a mistake in procedure, the Court of Appeal of Genoa would not allow the suspect to be detained, and he was released. The suspect once again fled, this time to the Netherlands.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Savona started the procedure for a new national warrant. In addition, a new European Arrest Warrant was issued.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Savona sent a Letter of Request to Eurojust for assistance in facilitating the request between Italy and the Netherlands. An intensive police investigation resulted in the immediate execution of the Letter of Request.

Based on the information provided in the new European Arrest Warrant, the suspect was arrested by Dutch authorities and will be once again extradited to Italy to face trial.

Ms Teresa Angela Camelio, Assistant to the National Member for Italy at Eurojust, commented: “This arrest provides another example of the added value of Eurojust and its ability to successfully coordinate police and judicial actions. The timing of the operation was crucial to its successful resolution. Combating organised crime is only possible with the teamwork demonstrated in this case.”

For more information on Eurojust, please contact:

Mr Joannes THUY, Spokesperson - Head of Press & PR Service
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